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etc. Prohibit overnight guests such as girlfriends or boyfriends. It’s important to note that even if the money has not yet changed hands, but you’ve agreed to accept money, you still enter into that agreement. They may assume that only the person who is qualifying for the lease needs to be listed. You also get to define at what point a guest overstays their welcome. My tenants’ visitors and guests have included a college student home for the summer and an aging parent who’s moving back in with their child. Any guest residing on the property for more than 14 days in a six-month period or spending more than 7 nights consecutively will be considered a tenant. Unless there is a health or safety risk to the property by allowing them there, you also don’t have legal grounds to evict. If you feel that a guest is now living there with your tenant, you need to make the decision to talk to them and add the new person to the lease. However, if the guest policy stated that a guest can stay for no more than 14 days at a time, it may be considered a reasonable restriction. A tenant who has a guest stay over too many days risks eviction for an unauthorized extra resident. She can be frequently found dancing and riding around the city on her scooter in her free time. Overnight Guests to Lease Agreements August 2016 SUMMARY Landlords may set rules in lease agreements on how many guests a tenant may have in overnight stays, or how long the guests may stay in the tenant’s unit. How restrictive guest policies and nosy landlord practices can be an invasion of your privacy. Landlord may also increase the rent at any such time that a new tenant is added to the lease or premise. This is so you can guarantee their obligations to uphold the lease as well so you can know who is living on your property. The best advice I can give you is to put a good clause in there to explain the difference, limit the number of overnight guests through the lease term, require guests staying extended periods to register with you, and make the tenant sign and initial each of these clauses to show acceptance of it. The best way to handle sticky situations where guests overstay their welcome is to be proactive. If things do get tricky, landlord-tenant law is very complicated and varies widely by state, so you want to make sure you (or an attorney you work with) are well versed in the guidelines that govern guests, notices to quit, rent payments, and definitions of tenants. The gray area is home to those long-term guests who have moved into your rental without your permission. Landlord Tenant Disputes FAQs; An Attorney May Help If Your Landlord Banned Your Guest. Guest or Tenant? For a squatter to take possession of the property, they have to be living on it for an uninterrupted number of years designated by your jurisdiction. College students home for the summer. Rent is typically money, but can also be a service performed, such as maintenance labor. This is who you are leasing the rental to, naming on the lease, and obligating to uphold the responsibilities in the lease (e.g. If there are five bedrooms, but you’d prefer to only have four occupants in the space, that’s totally acceptable. A guest is not listed on the lease, and is not responsible for paying rent or upholding other obligations in the lease agreement. But when a guest crosses the territory from temporary visitor to ongoing occupant, what do you do to recognize the situation and maintain control? If the rental is vacant, visit the property once a year, or every few months if you can, to combat squatters moving in. In the absence of a state or local law to the contrary, a landlord may include a provision in the rental agreement prohibiting or limiting overnight guests, but an attempt to prevent a tenant from having any guests at all may well be considered unreasonable. MY RESPONSE: Because this parent has a higher risk of accident and injury, I especially want to make sure they sign the lease and acknowledge their responsibility to obtain tenant’s liability and medical insurance. The RTA states the following regarding guests: Occupants and guests (1) The landlord must not stop the tenant from having guests under reasonable circumstances in the rental unit. etc.. Therefore, if you try to evict the guest, or the tenants who brought in the guest, you’ll end up with an uphill legal battle involving landlord-tenant law because of the rights they’ve gained in paying you. It’s important you take actions to address both long-term guests and potential squatters immediately to prevent more serious legal issues down the road. The visitor is defined as someone who visits a tenant and does not require to stay overnight in the rental unit. the trap of using a standard lease agreement, Welcome Gift Ideas to Help New Tenants to Feel at Home, 7 Tips for Handling a Hoarding Resident at Your Property, 4 Tenant Screening Factors More Accurate Than Credit Scores. A guest is a person who visits occasionally, and maybe sleeps over a few times in a given period. A friend who doesn’t have somewhere to live and has been apartment hunting for a month. This enters you into a landlord-tenant agreement, even though they’re not specified in the lease. When I was a landlord, I liked to do a little extra for new tenants moving in. Originally published When it comes to increasing rent, be aware of your local jurisdiction’s laws surrounding the matter. Get the latest property management trends delivered right to your inbox. From there, you can decide whether a guest staying 15 days or longer gives you grounds to evict the tenants for breaking the lease, or whether you want to amend your lease, and if the rent will increase as a result. Some ways to spot these guests-gone-rogue include the following: If you’ve noticed these behaviors in an occupied unit, it is likely you have a long-term guest who’s turned into a tenant. The tenant does NOT have to obtain the landlords permission or approval for this and in fact the tenant does not even have to let the landlord know that someone has moved in. This could cause problems down the line. SITUATION: A tenant’s parent takes a bad fall and needs regular assistance. California law gives tenants the right to quiet enjoyment of their property so long as they are not violating local laws or the lease. So, I'm renting out a room in my house (still looking), and I've decided that I don't want the future tenant to have a regular overnight guest (i.e. Most landlords allow guests to stay over no more than 10-14 days in a six month period. (2) The landlord must not impose restrictions on guests and must not require or accept any extra charge for daytime visits or overnight accommodation of guests. Tenant(s) shall not allow any other person, other than Tenant’s immediate family or transient relatives and friends who are guests of Tenant(s), to use or occupy the Premises without first obtaining Landlord’s written consent to such use. How to Write a Guest Policy Any adult occupant of a rental property should have legal accountability to the lease agreement, and … Tenants might come to you asking for permission to allow a long-term guest for a temporary period. The tenant does NOT have to obtain the landlords permission or approval for this and in fact the tenant does not even have to let the landlord know that someone has moved in. I secure a longer rental term, the original tenant is free from obligation, and the new tenant doesn’t have to hide from me. I do understand max occupancy limits for rentals, but I think a family should be able to let someone visit at some point so long as it's not "bills paid" and they don't become a regular tenant in the rental. Recent graduates returning home for an undefined amount of time to get on their feet. In our resource about tenant evictions, there are three main reasons you can evict a tenant: This gets dicey because you’ve basically forfeited your options. I then have everyone sign it. As mentioned before, you can find yourself in a problem if you start to accept rent from a non-tenant. How many people do you feel comfortable living in the space? However, even if a name is not listed on the lease and they are paying rent, they can be considered a tenant. By accepting money (or a service equivalent), the guest can be granted the same rights as a tenant on the lease and will be harder to remove. A: A tenant breaches a lease when he or she violates the rules or provisions contained in the lease. A good approach is that if an extended visit is expected, let the landlord know that you will be having a guest and not a new resident. Landlord may increase the rent any time a new tenant is added to the lease. If there are two bedrooms, but you’re fine with having tenants share a room, you can state the maximum occupants as three. This can cause problems with other tenants and neighbors and you may receive noise complaints. Long-term guests generally move in under the assumption that they’re only going to be visiting a current tenant for a week or two. Any legal adult living at my rental property must be listed on and sign a lease. Parents who move in because they no longer take good care of themselves on their own. It provides a limitation on how many consecutive overnight stays are permitted, and the maximum number of guests allowed. Parents visiting to take care of a new child, or to stay a few weeks after receiving medical care. It’s also the foundation of my tenant guest policy. What Should You Do? I am a senior in college, and I was to sign a lease this week, and when I read it closely it said no overnight guests. However, this includes total square footage of the unit, including the living room, kitchen, bathrooms, etc., so unless you suspect a bunch of people are regularly crashing on the couch of your rental, it’s unlikely they’re breaking occupancy laws. It’s a simple rule I always follow—and it’s never steered me wrong. As a property owner, you’re liable for the people who call your property home. This way you can be clear with the rules of your property and explain the consequences of breaking them, as well as open the channels for communication. Again, as long as this doesn’t violate any county occupancy ordinances, I think family members should be able to help each other. Be aware of the legal measures you can take. A long-term guest is an unofficial tenant, an individual who lives at my property without approval or permission. Use security cameras to monitor who’s coming and going. SITUATION: A pair of empty nesters want to downsize, so they sell their house and move into my rental property. Most tenants are willing to sign the lease in these situations—especially if there is no extra expense. From a landlord’s perspective, the words “long-term” and “guest” are contradictory. In their efforts to prevent guests from becoming full-time residents without signing a lease or rental agreement, your lease or rental agreement may limit overnight guests. Even if the unauthorized guest rotates between multiple places for overnight lodging, receiving mail is legal evidence of occupancy. MY RESPONSE: Even though the couple might qualify based solely on one income, I still need both individuals to fill out separate applications and sign the lease as occupants. College students visiting for a weekend or spring/winter breaks, but who always return to school. Sometimes, neighbors go as far as calling the police. Perhaps that person has even changed their mailing address so they receive mail at my rental.

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