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Prologue 2 As Maka and Soul attack the whale with sound waves, Black☆Star wonders what they are doing, since he is unable to hear it. She wears a sash that looks similar to Black☆Star's grey riveted straps that wraps around her waist twice an… After the party, Black☆Star and Tsubaki split up with the rest of the group. One night, Black☆Star is outside looking up at the sky. Affiliation(s) Soul Eater Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Kid begs Black☆Star to carry him, because he does not want to step in the mud. He tells the students to go on ahead, as he will fight Medusa with Spirit. Frustrated, he sends his own Wavelength into Soul, which harms the Demon Weapon. Black☆Star, however, replies that he has a dull sixth sense, and thus will not feel the madness. Black☆Star shows his new power by defeating one of Noah's monsters, The Cyclops, with ease, using Black Star ☆ Zeroth Form "Masamune" Initiation Technique - Infinity, an attack loosely based on, if not inspired by, Mifune's Infinite One-Sword Style. His trousers become a lighter color contrasting to his darker one as a male. The Black Clown then appears and fuses with Crona — creating three Demon Swords wielded by Crona and Ragnarok. Voice actor ZWEBB22 and olympiansoul like this. After arriving at Tsubaki's home in Japan, Tsubaki's father first sees Black☆Star and, despite his eccentricity, takes to the young Meister at once. The two still continue fighting, with Black☆Star using Severed Shadow again. Maka runs off, in tears. He tries wielding it but ends up passing out as the sword is too strong for him to wield. Black☆Star They almost manage to hit him, with Black☆Star managing to feint a kick and then grab Kid's leg to pin him down, which gives Soul an opportunity to slam into him in Weapon form. Wavelength Control Black☆Star is seen furiously sparring with Stein. Maka- 14. Black☆Star, Kid, Maka, Ox, Kirikou, and Kim and their respective Weapons is the group of kids chosen for fighting to obtain Brew before Arachnophobia. Maka is concerned for them, but Black☆Star points out that Crona is always like that. Fanpop quiz: How old is Black Star? When Black☆Star exits the room, Death the Kid, along with Liz and Patty, are seen waiting as well. Often stoic in nature and staunch in attitude, Mifune tends be somewhat quiet in situations that do not directly involve him and remains mostly serious as well as being straight-forward, especially toward those he would consider a threat. Black☆Star, however, is the only one in his area unaffected. Just like Maka. Maka, Black*Star, Kid, and Crona aren't sure how this happened. He's also a Show-off and says he will surpass God. Kid states that he finds it unnecessary for them to examine him, as he has a god's body. Tsubaki tends to an unconscious Black☆Star after the Kishin escapes from Death City. Black☆Star comments negatively on Kid's absence in his own party, before inviting Crona to his and Tsubaki's house next time. For the best answers, search on this site Just like Tsubaki and Black Star, Maka and Soul seem to compliment each other due to their opposite personalities, with Soul being more impulsive and Maka being more level-headed. Back at their apartment, Black☆Star's study habits are revealed: if he cannot solve a problem, he will punish himself by performing an arduous workout, such as doing one thousand sit-ups. He seems puzzled that Maka and Soul are hostile to each other. by DimesAndNickels with 46,592 reads. All weapons she's capable of transforming to are Japanese-related weaponry.[44]. Nickname☆Star/Anime?oldid=105923. The Big Man is Showing Up Here? Although Black☆Star, along with the others, laugh at the Weapon for being captured, they are soon annoyed by Excalibur, and are further aggravated when Excalibur prevents The Table of Contents from continuing to the next Chapter. Maka and Soul now get separated from the group and end up one Chapter behind, in the chapter of Envy. The only explanation given when Maka Albarn questions him of actually being human and under how that it is possible is that he's a "super star beyond any human understanding".[43]. After a while, Liz begins to worry about Kid, but Black☆Star reassures her on Kid's safety, saying that he believes in him. Suddenly, they feel the presence of Masamune and return to the village. He constantly refers to himself as 'BIG' and the other people around him as 'small.'. Tsubaki tries to explain that his advanced five senses make for the best counter against a Medusa's Soul Protect but he is unrelenting in his annoyance, claiming that the 'human radar' Maka should be here instead. He then starts to beat Black☆Star with his moves such as Sword Fang. Soul Eater Club Join New Post. This Soul Eater photo contains anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon. Black☆Star is forced to climb it bare-handed. Everyone watches in horror as Asura revives. Stein then tells the students to attack him as a team. Kid, enraged at Black☆Star's actions agrees to this, with the intention of punishing Black☆Star for ruining the symmetry of the school. Black☆Star, still recovering from injuries inflicted in the previous battle, is seen arguing with Soul in the Dispensary about them not revealing Mifune's death to Angela. Black☆Star gets back up, still trying to face Mifune, but Tsubaki stops him. In a 'emotional' moment, Soul decides to break up with Black☆Star as partners, but Black☆Star declares that they are still best friends. His childish sense of humor still sometimes embarrasses people, especially Tsubaki. Convinced of his power, the Will agrees to help him, saying that their souls will go alongside him. Here, they meet The Table of Contents, the entity in charge of keeping the Book of Eibon in order. He then reverts to his Form from 100 years ago and prepares to battle them. Black☆Star grows even more impatient at his late appearance. Tsubaki Nakatsukasa is the patient and long-suffering weapon that Black☆Star wields, a weapon able to take on human form. Black☆Star proclaims that he will not die and says he is a person who will surpass God. Ethnicity When Soul is hospitalized after being injured by Crona, Black☆Star immediately dashes into the Dispensary at the DWMA. Mifune refuses to say anything and Black☆Star is about to lose his patience when Angela herself arrives and begs the two to spare Mifune. Obviously, Kid's Death Cannon finishes both of them off. But you can be 14 to get your Moped license. Eventually, Medusa herself appears, with the intent of being a hindrance to the group whilst Eruka and Free go ahead to awake the Kishin. Nygus had also made Tsubaki promise not Black☆Star replies that he has no desire to try and slow down for people who just cannot keep up. But soon, he is startled to see that Tsubaki's body is being sucked into the sword. Black☆Star is a BEAST! Burakku☆Sutā Black☆Star is in wonder at Hiro's strange intolerance, and asks him where Excalibur is now. Black☆Star subsequently calms down and tells Soul that he has grown up somewhat, as he thinks of Mifune. As Heming proclaims that the village will prosper, Black☆Star tells him that it won't as he pulls himself out of the ground. One-Star[5] Kid however, then expresses that Black☆Star's declaration is now nothing more than a nuisance. Black☆Star protests that he is not being mean, and then tells Crona to tell him if there is anyone being mean to them, and he will beat them up for them. Black☆Star then states that he has found out what power he desires. Soul Eater Evans, a Demon Scythe who only seems to care about what's cool, aims to become a Death Scythe with the help of his straight-laced wielder, or meister, Maka Albarn. However, Black☆Star manages to get him to let go by using his Certain Kill: Black☆Star Big Wave, but he is surprised as the attack does not affect his opponent. Tsubaki Nakatsukasa[3] Black☆Star asks her if she is all right, and she replies that she is. She does so, and the two perform a Soul Resonance. (prior to Grigori arc)(Grigori arc)[7] share. When a passing Stein states that even he wasn't able to wield it, Black☆Star decides to abandon Library duty and go find Excalibur, along with Death the Kid, who is only interested in the sword's symmetry. In addition, though he's competent in an unarmed fight, his level of competence and power is diminished in comparison to him holding a Demon Weapon like the Demon Shadow Weapon, as seen when Crona was able to get the upper hand over Black☆Star during their altercation on the Moon. The Table of Contents explains that they will change back to their original form after leaving the Lust Chapter, and that the speed of the transformation depends on the individual's sexual desire: the stronger the desire, the slower the transformation. The seriousness of their fight is enough for Ox, who is watching, to question if they are actually training. Answer Save. Maka does so and notices a strange man, whose soul is mixed with Witch characteristics, as well as human and other components. he says so to him, that his Weapon is the only thing protecting him, and that no matter how potent a Weapon is, if its Meister is not competent, it will be useless. The Will of Nakatsukasa explains to Black☆Star that following the 'Path of a Warrior' means bearing misfortune and sadness onto others as well. Black☆Star angrily asks them what is with her new look, saying that Maka would cry if she were to see them. However, she drops the syringe containing the Black Blood. Mosquito then orders Mifune to kill Black☆Star, using Angela as the galvanizer. Mifune sees that Black☆Star has changed. After seeing Maka and Marie in the corner, depressed after reading Crona's poem, he reads it for himself and becomes depressed, joining the two, followed quickly by Soul. However, Black☆Star, angered at Mifune for calling him a child, proceeds to attack Mifune by throwing Tsubaki at him in Shuriken Mode, followed by Smoke Bomb Mode, and then attempts to cut Mifune under cover of the smoke by grabbing one of his Katanas. Sid picks up his gravestone and begins using it as a weapon. He tries to use Speed☆Star, but ends up sliding on the wet surface of the ground caused by the rain, causing him to hit his crotch as he slides into a statue. He then looks on with a crazed look and a star in his right eye saying the village won't prosper because he will destroy it. Black☆Star agrees, mentioning that he and Maka are Japanese. However, much to his surprise, Crona asks him who Maka is, and begins to have an inner conflict regarding their motives for leaving the DWMA. Eventually, while having Ragnarok devour the souls of a gang in Italy's Santa Maria Novella Basilica on Medusa's command, Crona is confronted by Maka Albern and her Weapon partner Soul Eater Evans. Black☆Star asks Maka to search for their target as he cannot use Soul Perception. Black☆Star, being the person that he is, is angered that there is someone who is talked about more than he is. However, he is still slightly immature. If he does not have anything to lose, he will not be able to defeat him. If they do not return after twenty minutes, they are to retreat. Black☆Star expresses his joy over the victory with Patty as the madness of Asura clears from the sky. Species As they arrive back at the DWMA, Black☆Star laughs about how easy the mission was while the others complain about how he attacked the village. Meister information See more ideas about Black star soul eater, Black star, Soul eater. Like other soul gems, it can only hold one soul at a time. Ox then attempts to attack Stein, but instead accidentally attacks Black☆Star and subsequently shocks him with Harvar's electric abilities. His arrogance can also hinder him as he is short-tempered and uncooperative when it comes to team battles, as he always tries to take the lead when the most important thing is to cooperate with each other. Returning to normal, he realizes that the ultimate 'order' is what a God of Death seeks, not the ultimate 'nothingness.' He then meets with Mifune again. Liz - 18. Mifune instead says he feels sorry for her, as she has to put up with him. On his right shoulder is his star-shaped tattoo, showing his heritage as a member of the Star Clan which is just a shade lighter than his normal skin tone. The rest is up to them. Shadow☆Star First Form: "Chain of Blackness", Shadow☆Star Second Form: "Leaf of the Moonlit Night", Shadow☆Star Fourth Form: "Branched Darkness", Demon Shadow Weapon Tsubaki Mode: Dummy☆Star, Shadow☆Star Zeroth Form: "Masamune" Initiation Technique - Infinity, Shadow☆Star: First Form - Chain of Blackness, Shadow☆Star: Fourth Form - Branched Darkness, Shadow☆Star: Second Form - Leaf of the Moonlit Night, Death God Martial Art - Stance of "Mad Crime", Black Star ☆ Zeroth Form "Masamune" Initiation Technique - Infinity. Black Star nodded solemnly sitting back down next to you. He tries to forget his heritage, but deep down, he is shown to be insecure about it. As such, this state is usually maintained by a Teamwise Soul Resonance with Maka Albarn and Soul Eater. However, she defends Black☆Star, saying that he can succeed if he tries, despite being a bit of an idiot at times. 3 Answers. However, Kid realizes that Free, despite not attempting to dodge Kid's projectile attacks, is trying to avoid being hit by Black☆Star's physical attacks. He cannot stand having someone else get more attention than himself, and will proceed to beat down anyone more popular than him so he can be popular again. However, to everyone's despair, Excalibur follows them. Share the best GIFs now >>> Dislikes Black☆Star orders Tsubaki to use her Uncanny Sword, but she refuses, saying that Black☆Star is in no state to fight any more. However, Kid, under the influence of madness and determined to create a world of 'nothingness' that surpasses symmetry, instead states that Black☆Star is too big for the world he is making, and thus tells him that he needs to disappear.

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