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Begin effective consultations and be introduced to clinical-radiological conferences. The resident will learn to perform thoracentesis, catheter drainage of empyema or effusions. The resident should also develop an understanding of neuropathology with emphasis on neurovascular disease, trauma, congenital malformations and common neoplasms. Also, technologists will bring in doubts related to x-rays projections, CTs and MRIs protocoling. Review the list of procedures scheduled for the next day and read around cases to be performed. Arthrography; Freiberger RH, and Kaye JJ, Appleton-Century-Crofts, 1979 out of print, but the only arthrogram book that I know of, find it in the department. Goals and Objectives (Items in red linkable) Individual Rotations. Goals and Objectives Statement of Purpose The Department of Radiology at SMC strives continuously to provide the highest quality imaging services for all citizens and residents of the kingdom, in the most prompt, effective, and efficient manner within its available resources. Demonstrate the ability to be an effective teacher of ultrasound to medical students, residents, technologists and clinical colleagues. Show an understanding of a sound, succinct and systematic style of reporting. The goal is to expose the resident to as much cross sectional cardiovascular imaging as possible. What is the clinical significance of each? Become familiar with the advantages and limitations of percutaneous fine needle. Exhibit appropriate personal and interpersonal behaviours including accepting constructive criticism. In this article, we will give examples of smart goals and objectives to ensure you start your project off on the right foot. When you set a goal make sure it is SMART: 1. Residents are expected to gain experience and be comfortable with performing the procedures associated with pediatric emergencies. An important part of the business planning process is determining business objectives that are translated into actionable business goals. Note: A similar process exists at the hospital, departmental and university level for staff physicians and other personnel. Alkadhi H, Wildermuth S, Desbiolles L, Schertler T, Crook D, Marincek B, Boehm T. Euathrongchit J, Thoongsuwan N, Stern EJ. 4th ed. (more to be added – please also bring in your suggestions!). Consult effectively with other physicians, technologists, nurses and other health care professionals. During this rotation, the resident will be assigned to an imaging modality and will collaborate with the technologist. Visualization within the urinary bladder of an echogenic structure which is actually situated in the adnexa. Demonstrate the ability to produce a radiologic report which will describe the imaging findings, most likely differential diagnoses, and when indicated, recommend further testing and/or management. Petrovic B, Nikolaidis P, Hammond NA, Grant TH, Miller FH. Have the ability to function as a member of a multidisciplinary health care team. How does it guide the perinatologist? Chintapalli KN, Chopra S, Ghiatas AA, Esola CC, Fields SF, Dodd GD 3rd. However, these should be distributed among all trainees on the rotation (fellows/ residents) to ensure a variety of clinical experience for all. Further understand challenges faced by technologists. 3rd Ed. We highlight the framework we use for managing improvement projects in our department and review basic project management principles. Recognize the physical and psychological needs of the patient and their families undergoing radiological investigations or treatment, including those related to culture, race and gender. 3. Shankhar, Khan, Cheung. 10. As a senior, the same will be done with the ultrasound (2 Mondays per rotation at the Riverside Campus) and MRI (one morning), as mentioned above. W.B. Participate in neuroangiography. Residents will be excused from the daily schedule for post-call days, academic half-days (Tuesday afternoon), visiting professors, and holidays. Demonstrate integrity, honesty and compassion. Develop an appreciation and understanding of health policy and its impact on medical practice. Fundamentals of Gastrointestinal Radiology, Davis M, Houston JD, W.B. Learn to organize the workday to include a balanced approach to patient care, learning needs and other activities. (ONLY IF NO RESIDENT ROUNDS ARE SCHEDULED THAT MORNING). Develop effective consultation skills, conduct clinico-radiological conferences, present scholarly material and lead case discussions. Damaged RBC scan for splenule, Meckel's scan with Tc_99m Pertechnetate for Meckel's diverticulum, Liver-Spleen scan with sulfur Colloid for focal nodular hyperplasia and accessory spleen. Distending gas escapes; Ba suspension separates; contrast in small bowel shrouds the stomach. What are choroid plexus cysts? Additional media training and public speaking opportunities. Attain the knowledge and ability to manage radiological complications effectively. How is fetal assessment carried out? Utilize resources effectively to balance patient care, life-long learning and other activities. The achievement of each goal will move the organization towards the realization of its “Envisioned Future.” Supporting objectives further clarify direction and describe what the organization wants to have happen; a descriptive statement of what constitutes success in measurable terms. PGY2 – 1 block at each campus 6 block apart. Demonstrate the ability to present ultrasound cases to sonographers and reporting radiology residents, fellows or staff that describes the imaging findings and offers a differential diagnosis in an organized and logical manner. 1) The AAPM/RSNA Physics tutorials for residents: What is the risk of recurrence in subsequent pregnancy? The resident will perform fluoro-GI procedures at the Civic campus on days when there is no Fluoro-GI resident. Be punctual and available for consultations and film review. Remainder of day is spent reporting diagnostic US studies and protocoling biopsies. To educate health care professionals, including medical students, residents, fellows, faculty and staff. The following are examples of a strategic objective. This policy complies with the Royal College accreditation standards A2.5 and B3.1.9 and does not supersede any University wide or Health Services Policy that is also established. Buscopan and Glaucoma: A Survey of Current Practice: Fink AM, Aylward GW, Clinical Radiology, Vol 50: pp. Residents should also refer to the Resident Well-Being Handbook provided by the PGME office in the resident handbook. Create teaching cases for use by future trainees. Understand the indications, basic protocol and basic interpretation of breast MRI. Understand the appropriate follow-up care of patients who have received investigations and/or interventional therapy. Goal 3:   Students will use critical thinking and problem solving skills. You are encouraged to review as many cardiac CT’s as you can on a daily basis in order to familiarize yourself with post-processing techniques. If 3 trainees are present on Tuesdays, the fellow spends the morning with the MR technologists, If 3 trainees are present on Fridays one resident should spend the morning and the other the afternoon with the technologists. Topic-specific articles were then chosen through PubMed searches. How do you calculate RI, PI, S/D ratio? Learn to recognize when radiological investigation or treatment would be detrimental to the health of the patient. If and when your goal shifts, don’t completely trash or delete your previous goal. Images should include elements of oral bolus delivery, condition of the soft palate, the larynx and upper trachea, the action of the cricopharyngeus. They also outline several dimensions upon which a practice can establish goals and objectives. Because of the successful treatment of most hyperacidity and H. pylori infections with modern therapy, peptic ulcer disease is a rarity and in general the UGI is not designed to uncover early evidence of such disease, or to investigate refractory dyspepsia. Team management and coaching are key soft skills for managers. Your objectives link out to your measures and initiatives. Educate and advise on the use and misuse of cardiovascular imaging. To exhibit appropriate personal and interpersonal professional behaviors. In between procedures, report venous ultrasound dopplers and protocol biopsies. They should be dictated and sent for signature on the same day. Gain an understanding of the indications and protocols for non-neuro CT angio imaging. imaging delivery, quantitative data, destination for advanced imaging studies) Learn to critically appraise medical literature. Setting employee performance goals and objectives is a common practice in most of the organizations. 4. This includes lateral, AP and prone right decubitus projections. Obstetric and Gynecologic Ultrasound: Case Review Series. Elective option for PGY5 @ General Campus. To perform suprapubic and endovaginal ultrasound examinations in pre menopausal and post menopausal women. Educate and advise on the use and misuse of radiological diagnostic tests and intervention. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. The excellent emergency radiology book by Harris has become outdated, appropriate to be used as an introductory, rather than a comprehensive resource. Goals and Objectives Musculoskeletal Imaging Fellowship. Imaging of the Chest, 2-Volume Set: Expert Radiology Series. The final block of the year will be used to make up missed rotation days in order to fulfill learning needs as identified mutually with the Program Director. Residents involved with any educational activities involving radiation exposure (image-guided fluoroscopic procedures) will be expected to wear appropriate apparel (lead apron or lead vest/skirt combination with thyroid shield and protective eyewear) or will not be allowed to participate in these activities. Middleton, William D. Middleton (Author). Supervise daily scheduled ultrasound examinations consulting the supervising radiologist for all cases.

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