maxamet vs s110v

You’ll pay for it though, at roughly 1.5x the price. S110V Steel is more balance compared to the Maxemet, as you can see, Maxamet offers extreme edge retention in the cost of other criteria. The Maxamet steel in considered as a “Super Steel”, So it’s a High-end Alloy steel, with an uncommon chemical composition, but I can say that the closest one to it is the CPM S110V(even if it’s stainless steel), in exception of wear resistance; the Maxamet is a great match for the S110v in edge retention, hardness, wear-resistance and price range which is between 100-200 Usd. For reference, steels like S110V and ZDP 189 are taken up to the low 60s (maybe as high as 65 for ZDP-189). P'Kal™ G-10 Red Trainer. The Griptilian is comfortable but it feels totally different in your hands versus the PM2. Matching 316 corrosion resistance while also reaching 60+ Rc would be very difficult even with cobalt. Although Maxamet isn't stainless, but at the same time Maxamet is tougher compared to Crucible CPM S110V steel, which can result in better edge holding ability, and cutting performance with the right geometry and heat treatment. In this section, we’re going to compare our steel with other steels, and for this, I use four criteria; Edge Retention, Corrosion resistance, Ease of Sharpness, and Toughness, and I use a scale or note from 1 to 10. With that said, the difference between the 2 is that the 0888 is uncoated and comes with a composite S110V and 14C28N blade, while the 0888MAX is black DLC coated and approximately half of the 0888MAX knives feature Maxamet steel, and the other half have M390 steel bl… Micro Melt Maxamet Alloy can be supplied as steel plate/ sheet, round steel bar, steel tube/pipe, steel stripe, steel billet, steel ingot, steel wire rods. I was curious to have first hand experience with this steel. $230.00 . Manufacturing Technology - MM. FYI the maxamet manix is a lightweight without liners and is pinned. This is the only example of using cobalt for this purpose in a stainless tool steel that I am aware of, and is one of the biggest innovations of S110V in my opinion. But, If you’re a Diver, Hunter, Kitchen Chef, or you use your knife in humid places, and you’re looking for premium steel, I wouldn’t recommend the Maxamet I would instead go for the S110V stainless steel. Since Nb improves corrosion resistance by helping the Cr go further, they may have attempted to compensate for the reduction in Nb by increasing the bulk Cr from 14% to 15.25%. This was confirmed in tests reported in the patent, where a cobalt free version had some ferrite present after heat treatment, and only reached about 54 Rc. The primary difference is out-of-this-world edge retention at the cost of a minimal reduction in toughness. No matter for me. Maxamet is a powder steel from Carpenter, an American steel company. There are other elements that can stabilize austenite as well, notably carbon, nickel, and manganese, though those elements also increase retained austenite. The Mule Team was set up with identical knife blade blank designs in different steels in an attempt to compare apples to apples when testing the knives. If you ever wanted to own or buy a knife with excellent edge retention, I m sure someone already recommended the Maxamet steel as steel for your knife, and if you’re reading this blog post, it means you wish to know more about it. As a rule, the harder the steel, the easier it breaks, so the Maxamet steel is very hard steel that can break very fast, but it’s tough enough to handle some beating, damaging work. The carbide volume of S110V is closer to S125V which is significantly coarser. I have 3 spyderco Native 5’s in S110V, S90V and in Maxamet. $305.00. Spyderco ParaMilitary 2 Dark Gray G10 Stonewash Maxamet C81GPDGY2 . Spyderco Native 5 Lightweight Dunkelblau Klappmesser Taschenmesser C41PDBL5 CPM-S110V 4,4 von 5 ... vs the Sage 5, but not enough to stick with the lock back. The high chromium affects the amount of vanadium carbide that is formed, and the high vanadium actually promotes the formation of chromium carbide, dropping corrosion resistance and toughness. Auch von einer Ruinierung der Schneide kann nicht die Rede sein. If you frequently use your knife to slice up cardboard, there may not be a better steel than CPM-S110V. $160.00. Maybe 0.4% if the effect of cobalt is linear to increase Ms. Also be careful that all of that is in solution at the austenitizing temperature you calculated for. Another benefit of a partial replacement of vanadium with niobium is that the carbide size is reduced. Plus cobalt reduces toughness, especially when used in amounts greater than 5%. They have the same blade grinds, and they are heat treated and processed by the same manufacturer, of course. The 11V steel would still be an upgrade over S90V for corrosion resistance because of the higher Mo in solution (see the Molybdenum section later on in this article). Maxamet’s distinguishing metallurgical characteristic is the high carbon content (2.15%) and the inclusion of 10% Tungsten. Very interesting article. Note that the values below are normalized to the hardness of the tested toughness specimens. So forming austenite at high temperature is the first required step for the final heat treatment of a knife. $250.00. Here is the datasheet. I covered the history of them in more detail in a previous article. $217.00. And niobium carbide contains very little chromium. Replacing nickel with cobalt in 316 would not make it hardenable has it would still need significant amounts of carbon to form hard martensite. And in the more recent comparison directly with M398, S110V again performed similarly. Maxamet ist der neueste Pulverstahl von Carpenter (auch bekannt als CarTech). $295.00. All PM2s are great at EDC tasks. Es hatte geheißen, daß Armhaare nicht denkbar seien. (This is not heat-related). Learn more in this article about carbides. But not S110. TWISTED SISAL MERCH - THANKS TO MISHEARDKNIFEREVIEWS: Remember to subscribe for more lunacy - hit the bell etc! Therefore, I see the main choice being between S110V and S90V for best very high edge retention stainless. In my original corrosion resistance experiments with 1% saltwater I found S110V to have very good corrosion resistance, certainly a significant upgrade over S90V and S125V, and being similar to M390, another grade with very good corrosion resistance. This is not scientific, bit here goes. I'm still curious to see a custom knife made out of Maxamet though. I imagine a steel combining the corrosion resistance of marine-grade 316 stainless steel with the edge resistance of M4 , 15V or even Rex121 in the near future . In older versions of ThermoCalc it showed that S110V with 2% Co would be fine, which Crucible would have been using at the time, but newer versions show a small amount of ferrite at 2150°F, around 4%. The s110v blade of this Manix 2 blurple is very very sharp so be careful with it. Get a free guide on Knife Sharpening to find out how you can achieve more. All of the steels that you mention are great knife steels, and they all are super steels, they just are not quite a super as Maxamet. That sounds low to me though I haven’t used JMatPro in the past to predict retained austenite. My guess is few heats of the original composition were ever produced, so experiments on that version are mostly academic at this point. Para Military™ 2 G-10 Digital Camo/Black Blade. You’ll pay for it though, at roughly 1.5x the price. WTS--Spyderco Mule blades (MAXAMET, K390, S110V, CTS-XHP and Cobalt Special) Prices reduced . Native® 5 FRN Dark Blue CPM S110V. regarding the problem of formation of large carbide particles , isn’t ball milling considered the most effective way to refine the carbides down to optimum size for edge retention/toughness combination ? electroslag, forged ring/ … Here is the datasheet. $230.00 . My S110V CATRA knife has no issues with getting sharp or in deburring it. The Griptilian is comfortable but it feels totally different in your hands versus the PM2. If you frequently use your knife to slice up cardboard, there may not be a better steel than CPM-S110V. This might be happening because the knives are from different manufacturers, using different heat treat and blade grinds? So more heat treatments would have to be tested to see if greater toughness at lower hardness could be achieved. Sie ist lediglich nicht mehr fein geschlossen. P'Kal™ G-10 Red Trainer. I gotta ask what your hardness test results were. MSRP: $295.00 Was: $295.00 Our Price: $206.50. electroslag, forged ring/ … Spyderco Paramilitary 2 vs Benchmade Griptilian : It’s no secret the Griptilian is one of my favorites but overall the PM2 is simply a better knife.

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