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OHSU 2025 was developed from the ground up. You have to include all the necessary information in a well-arranged manner so you can direct the stakeholders of the hospital accordingly. This page and the plan allow you to learn more about our vision for the future of our community. Sibley will be the role model for innovation in healthcare and wellness, for all. x��U�nG}_`�aWA5&9�`�e'MQi�A�@v�1�$E��/ə]���akxD�^v��r��G���S��;9ݺ��x @"�.��������3�q�^�����8��Z�?�|6���;�m��DŽ��> �K!�����(��f��vdf;b���$�d���}A������SM� ,�ڥ���΢�����;d���)�܀���i��`)s�Bi�(z$ʜ �< UPMC Nursing Strategic Plan. stream The Ottawa Hospital Strategy2019 -2022 ... continue to evolve and shape our strategic and operating context. Key issues relating to delivery of the hospital’s Strategic Plan Nursing Education and Professional Development (NE&PD) supports VUMC’s mission of providing its staff with educational opportunities to enhance skills and foster ongoing professional development. Yes, they might be big and daunting institutions and they might seem to make a lot of money, but then nothing can be farther from the truth. NHRMC Physician Group is committed to providing you with the highest quality health care with a network of more than 200 providers in both primary care and specialty fields. • Strategic Planning – Why is this Important? Our vision is to be a premier integrated academic health system that will serve a broad community and bring the best in medicine—including breakthrough treatments and clinical trials enhanced through our affiliation with Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine—to a growing number of patients close to where they live and work. Strategic Plan Serviceid = 144CareworksPageId= 1417Columns Layout = 5 The core purpose of our nursing team is to provide exceptional nursing care that honors the humanity and dignity of each person while advancing nursing as a profession. 3 0 obj Developing a nursing strategic plan is a basic competency of nurse leaders. Parkland embodies the meaning and legacy of service to those who otherwise may not have options for health care prevention and treatment. Building on our 2011‐2015 plan, this plan reflects the rapidly changing healthcare environment and the health system’s strategies to achieve our vision of “Improving the Health of Our Community.” STRATEGIC PLAN Mater Misericordiae University Hospital 7 Executive Summary The Mater Misericordiae University Hospital (MMUH) is the foremost charitable and voluntary general hospital serving Dublin's north inner city. Each of our hospitals has addressed those needs by implementing a strategic plan for the community they serve, addressing the priorities or the opportunities, aligning those opportunities, monitoring and evaluating the outcomes, and reporting back to our community the outcomes. The plan defines the role the hospital will play in translating and transforming its vision and mission into reality for the benefit of the community. M���G�I��'�B��P�-28z\^��B�X;E�†��;��_ج�� ���r���V>�NR��7�����2�3��al�?�n�y,���T�5y_���9��� 6 0 obj As such, uate our renewed strategy on an ongoing basis to ensure that nue to be well-positioned to address these challenges. w�QDjY%u�(*�.� &����rV�ћ��J�ɀhMcI�� (���FD�G�*"J��.b�j��jK�ENK�5����@�Zw�� 9'��[N��{�hT Ⱦ �9�l jUG���e-zaW�d"ֆP����PZF��*d0N Nursing Strategic Plan. The UK HealthCare Nursing Strategic Plan will guide the organization’s work in effectively carrying out our roles and responsibilities aimed at advancing health in the state of Kentucky and beyond. Nursing Strategic Plan is the frame-work through which the Department of Nursing will achieve its goals related to professional growth and development, cost effective use of resources, challenges of workforce shortages, achievement of excellence in patient care and Magnet redesignation. 2 0 obj You may also like health and safety strategic plan examples. Our strategic documents are meant to be tailored to any type of hospital in any community. Choose dates and times from several of our Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and Pediatric doctors. 5 0 obj stream strategic planning into its overall approach for nursing care. The plan defines all mechanisms by which the nursing departments meet the mission and vision of nursing and of their healthcare organization. © 2020 by Northwestern Medicine® and Northwestern Memorial HealthCare. UPMC Nursing’s Strategic Plan. Nursing Strategic Plan Our Philosophy. endobj endobj endobj Northwestern Medicine is a premier integrated academic health system where the patient comes first. ��!�����[#��Cthe�Z��6F��@-��*����K�чl@#!�7�T}�'qj$�w�f����0�b��^=�~@2����M��zL�hK���Z�܅!�N�-���VO�o��2K��r��[��[eJV��"ˆ����!t�9�6��y�� is our roadmap • Evidence-Based Practice is our core intervention • Shared Governance keeps us grounded • Empirical Outcomes … <>>> �y�:]�:w\W�l5�@��Պ�[��m֬A&Vl�,l+[��M���7}�ͧ���$���}'��˛�W��No�!��y��Z�=�TbgbF>�-7��o���l��l�L�n��m��'J�+9����$AM��R_J���$�|&wq�������܋qx3�t{}�Z������n�q��W�Z�i��|�䜦��W�����L��sf A>���fr�|���>�\n��S��j�J�V��i����ҝ���������ܛ��/w���P�rs�� �� More than 5,000 OHSU members contributed to the plan, providing input on OHSU’s future picture, shaping the plan’s goals, and developing detail around its objectives and tactics. An effective hospital strategic plan is one that is both complete and relevant. Nursing at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Review the latest information about the virus, NMH Shared Leadership and Decision Making, Northwestern Memorial Hospital Nursing Strategic Roadmap, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, We are all caregivers or someone who supports a caregiver, We are here to improve the health of our community, We integrate education and research to continually improve excellence in clinical practice, We serve a broad community and bring the best in medicine closer to where patients live and work, Lead with an interprofessional relationship-based care model that represents evidence-based practice, achieves exemplary levels of quality, safety and patient experience, and supports patient care transitions, Advance the application of the NM Interprofessional Relationship-Based Care (NM IRBC) Practice Model by implementing strategies to support the four domains and create a foundation for the implementation of the NM IRBC in the Northwestern Medical Group (NMG), Advance nursing science by supporting and fostering translational research and establishing a partnership with NMHC and Northwestern University to advance nursing science, Leverage technology by identifying opportunities to optimize current technology related to nursing practice, Enable an environment that sets the standard for the nursing profession, one that welcomes diversity, fosters excellence through collaborative professional and interprofessional practice and career development, and encourages lifelong learning and well being, Embrace inclusivity by partnering with NMHC and Northwestern University to advance inclusivity and develop and execute a chief nurse executive summit at NMH with Deans of local Schools of Nursing focused on inclusivity, Create and embed a culture of mentorship by advancing RN readiness for practice (e.g., RN Residency program), evaluating models of mentorship and fostering an environment for clinical and professional development. We are all caregivers or someone who supports a caregiver. Nursing Strategic Plan: FY’17-FY’19 Our Mission To deliver excellence and compassionate care—every person, every time. %PDF-1.5 We believe in: The art and science of nursing practice; The power of professional autonomy and leadership of every nurse; The dynamic pursuit of professional excellence through lifelong learning; Caring, respect and dignity demonstrated through … When nurses are supported and valued, we know the organization as a whole is uplifted – all to the benefit of our patients. x��݉VT׺���h��N!tPPRFT�Si,-��@�h����%�_X�w����$Ȥy��^ T��\Ŭ�� ������R� p��}��hqe-ʝH� �œ�۳�J�ѭ���_'R�t p1|=o�*�F���斖(�� ��o��_W�G�C�Q� ί?����d!J�� �y�����ٹ�(�O ��_��g�+�Dc�F���r�(�� )��y�Nw?8�T�V�Xx������ܜ�� �4�ɼ�K�G��T����;���S�N p�Ne��uK�o'&���Կ ��S��g�^7����?М�_�v-�o ��w��gm�|�ݟ[X��y����w .��:o��J�8�R�� p��l��uOff�Կ: ��$�����bT���~ �I8o���݋�GǢ\}}��! This represents an overview of strategies to begin implementation during fiscal year 2017. The plan supports the … Parkland is more than a health system. Nursing Strategic Plan. The roadmap for advancing nursing excellence at Northwestern Memorial Hospital focuses on the following core goals and objectives: Not sure which doctor you’re looking for? This Strategic Plan is focused on the period 2015 – 2018. This Nursing Strategic Plan is written and implemented with a desire for the future sustainability of excellence and serves as our roadmap and guiding light to be the top-rated safety net public hospital … Our plan must be integrated, actionable and prioritized. A nursing strategic plan can be used as a reference when monitoring activity results and process progress. And through the years, one of the most important takeaways our leadership team has come to realize is that the determined strategy for nursing must successfully align with the determined strategy of our overall health system. united Hospital Nursing Strategic Plan 2014-2016 Professional Nursing Practice Model Built on the foundations of the individual relationships nurses establish with patients and families, the Professional Nursing Practice Model incorporates all of the components necessary for the delivery of exceptional nursing … A nursing strategic plan, in essence, is like creating an assessment tool and blueprint for how a nurse or healthcare organization will be run. From orientation and onboarding, contact hour opportunities, and leader development programs, NE&PD is an integral part of the support system for VUMC staff. This presentation describes the relationship and value in aligning the Nursing Strategic Plan to the Organizational Strategic Plan. Nursing Strategic Roadmap. But strategy can push us to dream bigger and reach higher as a profession. endobj Strategic Plan Strategic planning enables an organization to look into the future in an orderly and systematic way, ensures that a hospital remains relevant and responsive to patient and community needs and provides a clear and consistent organizational focus. endstream <> <> Every patient encounter addresses mobility. ... Focus on Professional Development and Participation in Hospital Affairs. The Northwestern Memorial Hospital Nursing Strategic Roadmap reflects our vision for advancing nursing excellence in alignment with the mission and vision of Northwestern Medicine. %���� The American Hospital Association’s 2020 Strategic Plan seeks to position the AHA to lead, represent and serve the field as its national advocate. Visitor restrictions are in place due to COVID-19. Though integration of the inter-professional practice model based on relationship-based care and strategies to meet the goals of Northwestern Medicine, nursing at Lake Forest Hospital looks to redefine, reimagine and recommit to sustaining an engaged culture, to be accountable to drive change and influence innovation and advance the synchronicity of the health care team to improve care delivery, to … <> This independent Catholic hospital was established in 1861 1 0 obj 4 0 obj Support and increase shared governance through the … If a strategic plan is created primarily to develop to streamline the vision, goals, and resource allocation of a nursing practice within a specific organization or workplace, it is called a nursing strategic plan. Strategic Plan Transforming to Meet Community Need As a public hospital district on the North Olympic Peninsula, Olympic Medical Center is responsible for proactively planning for the community’s health care … A strategic plan for nursing is not a panacea for all of the tremendous pressures and challenges nurse leaders face today. Nursing Strategic Plan. Review the latest information about the virus and how you can help by donating funds. Our Vision . <> Build a Culture of Safety and Quality through Teaming. One key factor that should be the basis to strategic planning in healthcare organizations is the organization of the institution. Our approach has been to involve a broad cross-section of the UK HealthCare community in setting our objectives that align with the 2017 College of Medicine strategic plan and support our mission of patient care, education and research. In September 2015, our nurses created a five-year strategic plan in collaboration with our shared governance teams and nursing leadership cabinet that consists of inspirational patient care possibilities that align with the hospital's overall strategic plan. This is very helpful in identifying the impact of certain nursing programs and protocols to the operations of the business. The strategic aim of St. John’s Hospital is to continue to play a vital role in the development and provision of acute hospital services in the Mid-West Region. endobj At the Duke University School of Nursing, we're working hard on our 2016-2021 Strategic Plan. �T �` 10+ Hospital Strategic Plan Template & Samples – DOC, PDF As a healthcare organization, it is a hospital’s aim to provide the proper and adequate health care to its customers, the patients. Ultimately, the nursing strategic plan is intended to support nurses with the tools and resources they need to produce exceptional patient outcomes and contribute fully to the care team. Strategic Plan Overview This is the Harris Health System 2012‐2016 Strategic Plan. The Ottawa Hospital Strategy 2019 -2022 . Holly Lorenz MSN, RN UPMC Chief Executive Nurse. Transformational Leadership Focus on Inter-professional Collaboration and Staffing resources and adequacy. Message from the Chief Nursing Officer; Nursing Mission, Vision and Theory; ... MedStar Washington Hospital Center | 110 Irving St., NW Washington, DC 20010 <>/XObject<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 720 540] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Matata Nursing Hospital (MNH) Strategic Plan 2014-2018 provides the blue print for implementation of the hospital’s mandate and functions for the next five years. Home > For Healthcare Professionals > Nursing > Strategic Plan 2016 -2018 Share this page: Strategic Plan 2016 -2018. Northwestern Medicine is a premier integrated academic health system where the patient comes first. ��,��=k������O���'э� �&�'���J�55݌R?H �'�����촙(�C �+�D��{�x*���E�6 ���S�����N���Ө����� p$�����{��[�w���J�@ p�%���Jv�����;���jjjR?� \9�G����O���d��ֶ��3� 8Cɇ��������›�'�/:n�n��z�D�G ��,�x�{W�������!J�x p9%���q���(w"�c ��| ����f����~ ����V�G?���\��� �J>�>'�*��gϣ斖(�3 �E�|�}n�|�$J�� p1$k��V����%�~� 8���/D�j484�~� 8����/\�oV�;�ݷ�ܩ9��9 ����Z��rp����V��?�C�@�g ����/G۟W����Bk[{.�K�� p֒O�/S;��+�����|kk�� ���|F}Y{��Q3��C��{zo�H�T �%�K_�v?GK�o����(W_�~� 8e�'�W�J�8��,D��| NM���Un�X�Z�ڣ�/ ���3g��; �%�|ڬ�+n����Q�͛ѵ�_&. The Northwestern Memorial Hospital Nursing Strategic Roadmap reflects our vision for advancing nursing excellence in alignment with the mission and vision of Northwestern Medicine. The webinar further discusses engaging all levels of nursing in understanding the strategic priorities of their organization and how to align their unit-based goals. For our nursing team, strategic planning is the foundation for determining that direction. Since 2009, UK HealthCare has been integrating. Our Strategic Plan Executive Summary . Northwestern Medicine® is a trademark of Northwestern Memorial HealthCare, used by Northwestern University. • UPMC Nursing over 12,000 nurses strong • Providing over 3,500 clinical experiences per semester • Our belief “Every nurse is a leader” • ANCC’s Magnet Model. The importance of strategic planning in healthcare should not go unnoticed by any hospital or health system looking to succeed not only in the short run, but long term as well. Northwestern Medicine offers a wide range of classes, events and support groups throughout the year – in your local community – to help you live a healthier, happier and more informed life.

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