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But, that’s fairly easy and inexpensive to do. Oase #45383 1/4 HP Floating Fountain Kit w/ Led Lights for Ponds & Lakes . Extra features can help you match your pond fountain’s display to your style and ensure that it’s easy to use in your pond. We promise! This eco-friendly unit can be quickly and easily installed in ponds or lakes with a minimum depth of 2.5 ft. After all, you’ll need to get the fountain into your pond and occasionally pull it out for cleaning. On the other hand, you’re dependent on sunlight to keep your fountain operating at its full potential. It’s about the same size and produces a similarly short three-foot spray, although the spray on this fountain is adjustable within a small range. The two light kit is designed for use on Aqua Fountains, Floating Fountain Head, and Kasco Fountains up to 3/4 hp. The Floating Fountain with Lights a compact, energy efficient floating water feature built to be an enduring focal point at special events. How deep should be the pond to use a fountain? Pond fountains help your pond look good and stand out by shooting a stream of water into the air. All of the fountains we reviewed except the Bamboo Accents fountain have extendable heads that work for ponds six feet deep or deeper. Illuminate your water garden, fountain, or fish pond with LED pond lights from The Pond Guy. 11 sold. Second, you need to make sure that the fountain head can reach the surface of your pond when the fountain pump is at the bottom of the pond. Flow rates can vary a lot – from less than 400 gph for the Eco-Worthy solar fountain to 10,000 gph for the Fawn Lake Fountains model. It’s unclear what about the pump or housing is bad for fish, but if you have koi or other fish you’ll probably want to avoid this fountain. Your email address will not be published. Click on the pictures below for detailed information on the right size lighted fountain for your pond or lake. Free shipping. There’s simply no time for algae to grow before it gets sucked into the fountain and shredded up as it’s shot into the air. Floating Pond Fountains with LED Lights. This beautiful bamboo pond fountain from Bamboo Accents is the perfect addition to a small pond. It creates a very different aesthetic than the other fountains we looked at – it’s much more zen and would be as at home in a Japanese garden as in your backyard pond. In most cases, that means you need about a foot or two of water (although with just one foot of water, the pond head might extend far out of the water). Keep in mind, too, that you only have a 16-foot cord to connect the pump to the solar panel – so you panel needs to be located in a sunny spot within 16 feet of the center of your pond. Stainless steel 17 watt LED lights have both true warm white and color changing diodes Overall, this fountain isn’t cheap – but for the amount of flow you’re getting, it’s a great value. 11" (float diameter) Required fields are marked *. If you want to clean up your pond without adding to your electrical bill, this solar powered pond fountain from Eco-Worthy is for you. In addition, some users found that the fountain has an issue with the tubing connecting the pump impeller and UV tube, which can occasionally cause loss of flow. They noted that it doesn’t sit well on the bottom of the pond unless it’s very securely anchored down. Fountain spray height: 6 feet tall x 3 feet wide. After all, the pump is the heart of every fountain and determines what size pond it will be good for. Musical Dancing Fountain Manufacturer | Huaxin Art Fountain, 500 Tianfu Ave Middle Section, Wuhou District, Chengdu, Sichuan, China, Commercial Water Features Fountains For Mall, High Spray Loud Dancing Water Fountain For Sale, outdoor fountain with lights and music fountain for sale, Colored magic music dancing water fountain, Outdoor Garden Hotel Musical Fountains With Lights, Large Outdoor Musical Water Fountain by Program Control. This fountain has a bright 48 LED light ring and the 1100 gph water pump has a 25 ft. cord.. Specs:. The flow rate is slightly higher, at 600 gallons per hour, but it’s otherwise meant for small- to medium-sized ponds just like the Alpine fountain. It doesn’t have to be in your pond, as you can run plastic tubing from the pump to your pond. Otherwise, this fountain is very aesthetically pretty. By launching water into the air, water particles are instantly mixed with oxygen and help return it to the pond from the air. Finally, we considered extra features like LED lights and multiple spray patterns. It’s rated for a maximum flow rate of 360 gph, and it will often run at much less than that if you live somewhere cloudy or wooded. Simply place the floating fountain in your pond and plug it in to create water effects up to 4 ft. in height. First, the fountain unit itself shouldn’t be so large that it takes up half the space of your pond. Customers were very happy with Fawn Lake Fountain’s customer service, too, which is nice to know when investing in an expensive pond fountain. Easy install and low operating cost. What really sets this fountain apart from the rest of the pack for users is that it looks good. Floating water fountain for large pond or lake, large flow pump(Max.14500gph) shooting up to 12' high, variable pump speed with remote control, 3 water spraying patterns, high power LED lighted, 100'(30meters) power cord for both pump and light. It’s not only good at sealing out water from the electronics, but it holds up very well and won’t allow algae or other pond scum to grow on it easily. The Ocean Mist fountain is a floating LED-lit fountain that’s good for ponds up to 600 gallons in size. It will work to keep your pond clean, just not clean enough to host fish in your pond as well. Included with the fountain, you get a 100-foot underwater power cable and 50 feet of mooring rope. This fountain from Sting Ray is one of the best pond fountains for koi ponds. In the absence of a fountain, the only way for oxygen to penetrate the deeper parts of your pond is by diffusion – which is a very slow process. Notice of Shipping Delays: Due to COVID-19, shipments may be delayed 5 – 7 days, but … While that generally works, it’s good to be protected with a manufacturer’s warranty in case there’s a leak or problems with the pump motor. Pond lights are available in low-voltage LED and Halogen versions, solar, commercial 120 V, fiber optic, in single colors or color-changing. $430.99. Best industrial quality fountains available for immediate shipment 10 Best Pond Lights – Bring Your Water Feature to Life at Night! The number one reason to use a pond fountain is to avoid the growth of algae. Some include lights with colored lenses and floating LED globes. The lighter your pond fountain is, the easier this process will be. Half Off Ponds Floating Fountains Light Kits are awesome additions to our fountains. If you have fish or other critters living in your pond, a fountain is also essential for keeping it aerated. 5 Best Pond Skimmers – When Your Pond Needs Help, 5 Best Koi Pond Filters – Healthy Environment for Your Fish. The 4 LED lights will provide a brighter display. This beautiful and simple floating pond took our Editor’s Choice award for its all-around quality. It was a close competitor for our Editor’s Choice pick, but keep in mind that you’ll want to add a mesh filter over the pump to keep out debris. A pond needs to be deep enough that your fountain’s pump can be completely submerged – that’s really the only requirement. Light kits can be purchased at time of installation or later on. 99 Zeolite crystals and bio balls help to remove ammonia waste from fish, while a UV clarifier stops the growth of harmful bacteria. The high-flow spray nozzle on this fountain can be adjusted between seven different spray patterns depending on what you want. The Sting Ray fountain is perfect for koi and other fish ponds, since it includes several built-in mechanisms for cleaning up the biology of your pond. In our Buying Guide, we’ll take a look at why you need a pond fountain and how to choose the one that’s right for your pond. This isn’t meant to be submerged, since wood will warp and break down over time if it is. The output creates a soothing dribbling sound rather than a splashing sound, and the flow of water from the pump is muted by the bamboo construction. Beautiful LED Lighting Effects. Industry best 3 yr fountain WARRANTY. Before you get started, though you’ll want to get most or all of the water out of your pond – it will make the process a lot easier. Decorative Lighted Pond Fountains. UL-approved pumps from 35 to 14,000 gallons per hour. For fish, that means they can breathe more easily and live in less stressful conditions. Don't know which model to buy? 3 LED brass fixtures, 3 mounting brackets, 100 foot water proof extension cable, transformer, and a photocell to turn off the system during the day. Keep the lights on and your costs down with new LED energy efficient pond lights. The other thing to watch out for with this fountain is that some users found that it killed their fish. This fountain from Lawn Lake Fountains is for the big ponds out there. You can find some pond fountains that include metal components, like the Fawn Lake Fountains unit. Self-contained floating units; Great for medium size lakes and ponds and when multiple fountain patterns are desired for a beautiful look day or night with colorful lights. LED Lighting Options for Eco Series Pond Fountain!! 5 Best Pond Sealers – Problem Solved In No Time! The pond boss 1/4 HP Floating Fountain with Lights is a beautiful water accent that aerates and decorates a large body of water. Fawn Lake Fountains recommends a water depth of four feet or more, and users found that this held up for real-world use. The pump is located at the base of the bamboo, so the best way to set this fountain up is with the pump buried in an underground reservoir. Finally, pull the electrical cord back out of the pond with you. You’ll definitely need to install a mesh bag around the pump intake to prevent debris and sediment from getting in. We have 20 years experience in fountain design, fountain equipment production, fountain construction and fountain maintenance. When thinking about size, there are a few different things to take into account. Note that you can also purchase a night light kit separately if you want to create an evening display with your fountain. Lighting manufacturers recommend a 2 or 3 LED light kit for smaller fountains, and a 4 LED light kit for 2 HP to 5 HP units. Overall, this fountain is a great choice if you can make it work with your pond design. At night, that creates a really pretty effect that you won’t get with most other pond fountains. The fountain is an energy efficient product with 1/4 horsepower and quality constructed materials that provide maximum durability. If you want to anchor it, you can tie the fountain to any heavy object like a rock or terracotta flower pot. This Spray Fountain SPRAYS water into the air creating a soothing sight and relaxing atmosphere adding vitality to an ordinary landscape. WHY THEME-PARK MUST HAVE HUGE COLORFUL FOUNTAINS? Gravel and rocks work great for this purpose, and they’ll also help keep debris from getting sucked into the fountain. You’ll find this feature on the Ocean Mist fountain, which earned it our pick for use in koi ponds. While metal is very durable, the downside is that it needs to be cleaned on occasion – otherwise, algae can grow on the metal and degrade it over time. This pump is designed for ponds up to 500 gallons, and since it’s floating you don’t have to worry about fishing it off the bottom for maintenance and cleaning. Will a pond fountain work for a water fall pond? Aquascape Submersible LED Accent Up Light. Pond fountains are designed to work with different sizes and types of ponds, not to mention that they come with plenty of different features. Lighting systems and kits include lights for above water and underwater use. Alpine includes a floating board and an anchor kit with this fountain, so users found that installation is extremely easy. Livens up your ordinary pond, a definite conversational piece to make any home event a success! As for the Alpine fountain, the pump and lights are on separate power cords so you can easily turn the lights on and off at will.

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