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[70] His ability to gauge an individual talent and raw power is so refined that he has been able to create a point-based system to quantify them.  大輔 ... Hunter × Hunter (TV 2011) as Hisoka; Kyu Hunter × Hunter -The Last Mission- (movie) as Hisoka Hunter × Hunter: Phantom Rouge (movie) as Hisoka Idaten Jump (TV) as … He then begins to fight for real, surpassing Gon in both speed and strength. Fantasy Requiem (狂想レクイエム, Kyōsō Rekuiemu) is a character song from the 2011 Hunter×Hunter anime adaptation, performed by Daisuke Namikawa as Hisoka Morow. Hisoka pretends to do magic while deceiving with his Nen abilities and is known/self-titled as "the Magician". [57] Gon comes close enough to him that he shows up in his contact list,[58] and the same occurs with Shizuku, Franklin, Shalnark, and Phinks. [28] By forming a circle with his index finger and thumb and peeking through it, he can enhance his vision. When night falls, Hisoka decides to get himself two other tags. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Instead, Hisoka chased the man up a wall, but seemed to have forgiven him after he had cried and pleaded hopelessly. When Gon asks him to check his contacts to know if he has met Tsezguerra, Hisoka conceals the names of the Spiders with Texture Surprise. [15] In the Third Phase, Hisoka is targeted by Togari for having nearly killed him during the previous Hunter Exam. Using Bungee Gum through his legs, he starts walking on the sides of a stand, destroying more puppets from that position before running away. His insatiable love for spilling the blood of powerful fighters in combat and his enjoyment of extreme pain while doing so fuels his seemingly sadomasochistic desires. - Share your reason with the rest of the community. The incident rouses his appetite for murder and, when the fog descends, he "plays examiner" and attacks the surrounding applicants, among which are Kurapika and Leorio, with the intent to kill. [42] Despite his liking for Gon, he cannot do anything to help them and even threatens to slit Killua's throat with a card if the boy makes any move without permission. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It is revealed the one he killed was a spectator Chrollo had been controlling with Black Voice and to whom he had given his appearance with Convert Hands. Then, around thirty copies controlled with Order Stamp start attacking him, forcing him to use Bungee Gum to retreat, but the puppets climb on top of each other and reach him. [78], Hisoka is a Transmuter[36] endowed with a powerful, sinister aura that disquieted Wing[35] and Gon even after the latter learned Nen. are most likely based or at least had their creations inspired in the The Joker from DC Comics; have powers/aliases related to magic. [64], Enhanced Agility: Hisoka is fairly acrobatic, a skill which he uses to recover his balance and respond to attacks quickly. It was a one-sided match, but Bodoro doesn't want to surrender. [75][2][80] By using it on his feet, he can adhere to the ground[75] or run on walls. Hisoka catches and throws it back with Bungee Gum, sticking it to Razor's hands so he cannot deflect it again, at the cost of 10 broken fingers. As voice actor, he is well known for voicing Ulquiorra Cifer (Bleach), Jellal Fernandes (Fairy Tail) and Joe Hibiki (Gatchaman Crowds). The two end up in the audience, which Chrollo manipulates with Black Voice to attack Hisoka while disguising himself with Convert Hands. [36] He offers to let Gon strike him if he can tell him when he attached Bungee Gum, giving him three options, only to reveal the correct one was a fourth one, and that Gon could not have prevented him from using the ability. When Razor kills a rebellious Bopobo, Hisoka reveals to his team the game is taking place in real life. [16], Master of Stealth: Hisoka managed to spy on Killua undetected by him as well as, seemingly, Amane and Tsubone. Hisoka says he is just kidding. [35] Hisoka accepts to take his badge back. In the 2011 anime, Hisoka has red hair and light amber eyes. He is tall and has light skin and a very muscular physique. [44] However, he only stands on the top of a building admiring the massacre. He deduces Gon is an Enhancer and explains his personality-based Nen test, revealing he is a Transmuter. [51] He is partnered up with Franklin and Bonolenov and left at the hideout while half the other members set out to kill the "Chain Dude". Though at great personal risk, he succeeded in manipulating the Spiders into staying in Yorknew so he could fight Chrollo, and to forge a fake prophecy, minutes if not seconds, after receiving the original, perfectly replicating its style. Hisoka instantly realizes it is because the user's Nen has become stronger after his death, and improves his guard. He frequently puts up an outlandish or even arrogant act to fool into his opponents into believing he is being careless, whereas, in reality, he is laying traps. Daisuke Namikawa (2011) Hisoka Morow is a pansexual character from Hunter x Hunter. Moritonio confesses, and the two begin a duel. Their potential and quick development whet his bloodlust, impelling him to find someone to kill. [37] He manifests his high level of proficiency in his natural category primarily through his Nen ability, Bungee Gum, but he has also shown to be very proficient at controlling the shape of his aura,[29] which is a Transmutation skill. Hisoka allows both of them to pass and tells Gon if he can win one match on the 200th floor, he might consider fighting him. At the same time, the hero himself (. [8] Hisoka has also proven time and time again to be capable of fighting back whole crowds. He originally served as the primary antagonist of the Hunter Exam arc and a secondary one of the Heavens Arena arc, before becoming a supporting character during the Yorknew City arc and Greed Island arc. [84], The next time Hisoka is seen, Shalnark had just come off of the phone with Chrollo, discussing plans to board the Kakin Empire Royal Family's ship and steal their valuables. If they break, he either loses interest or kills them before going out to find more potential prey. The magician easily dodges his strike but is suddenly struck by Gon's fishing rod. In the Latin American dub, Hisoka speaks with a French accent and his name is pronounced as "Isoka" (with a silent H). After one week, they head to Soufrabi. Daisuke Namikawa is a Japanese voice actor known for voicing. Moritonio then begins training Hisoka in the art of Nen. Hisoka's appearance is similar to that of a magician or jester. His attire is usually adorned with various suit symbols (♦/♦ ♣/♣ ♥/♥ ♠/♠) on the front and back torso, and he changes outfits in each story arc. [91], One day, a fellow performer, Abaki, is attacked by the serial killer John Doe, but Hisoka rescues her. [10], Numerous examinees gang surround him but he dispatches them without effort, until only Cherry, Leorio, and Kurapika remain. [36][60], Offensively, Bungee Gum can be used to pull the opponent towards Hisoka[37] or to create flail-like weapons. Fearing that Killua will do it wrong, Illumi asks Hisoka to help him kill Alluka. After the performance, he confronts Moritonio outside where he accuses him of being John Doe. When the hostage exchange terminates,[55] he reveals to Chrollo his fake membership status and challenges him to a duel, but to his great disappointment, Chrollo can no longer use Nen. Gon refuses to accept the favor, but Hisoka blasts him with a right hook and leaves after challenging him to do the same. Hisoka frowns when Hanzo threatens to break Gon's arm. He then proceeds to mend and hide his wounds, whilst simultaneously replacing his missing arm and leg using Bungee Gum and Texture Surprise. An example is when Gon becomes honest and rather innocent about his question of why Hisoka was in Greed Island. [46] Like the other Spiders, he passes himself off as auction staff and hides from Kurapika when the latter comes to retrieve the fake Scarlet Eyes. Kalluto, Hisoka's replacement in the gang, walks out, and Hisoka expresses his approval of him. Kefka is a. are manipulative, selfish, maniacal, flamboyant, destructive, cruel, and insane (although Hisoka controls himself better than Kefka); are nihilistic psychopaths with no regard for human life nor remorse for the atrocities they commit; highly regard themselves in the matter of strength. [64], Hisoka admires Gon's Rock ecstatically. He even assists the protagonists if there is "fun" in doing so or if it will make them stronger leading to a more entertaining fight in the future. [37], On August 31st, Hisoka meets the other members of the Phantom Troupe in an abandoned building in Yorknew City, where their leader gives the order to rob the Mafia Community of the Underground Auction items. [81] He can throw them with deadly accuracy and speed,[11] and also incorporate them in surprise attacks with Bungee Gum. [56] He hangs around the spell card shop in Masadora, reckoning that is where he will be able to meet the greatest number of players. Hisoka is identified by some fans as the fifth protagonist of the series. Hisoka can attach it to a solid surface to retreat at extreme speed when the need arises. Tonpa explains to Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio that he failed the previous year's exam after nearly killing a proctor he did not approve of. [84], Bungee Gum also has a wide range of auxiliary applications. [80], He lands one more hit with the other head, forcing Chrollo to retreat. Since Nobunaga is busy watching Gon and Killua, Machi is forced to pair up with Hisoka. All logos, images, video and audio clips pertaining to actors, characters and related indicia belong to their respective © and ™ owners. He is always in search for strong opponents, and would spare those who have great potential, such as Gon and Killua in order for them to get strong enough to actually challenge him. Images of the Hisoka voice actors from the Hunter x Hunter franchise. [6], Machi then tells him that everyone in the Phantom Troupe must meet up in Yorknew City at noon at the end of August, and that Chrollo might punish him if he skips another gathering. Notorious for his graceful, cruel, and deceitful fighting ability, which has earned him the rank of Floor Master,[5] he has proven to be a deadly adversary. He was disqualified for almost killing an examiner during his first attempt.[1]. In Episode 54 of the 2011 Edition, Hisoka wrote a message "the corpses were fake" using an emoticon of himself. BWHAHAHAHAHHA HISOKA. In his first appearance in the 1999 anime series, Hisoka's hair is blue. Add Hisoka MOROW as a favorite today! It is revealed that Hisoka pretended to be holding back against the Kastro by concealing part of his aura with In, and that he resorted to his brutal magic tricks to prevent Kastro from figuring it out. Hisoka often exhibits androgynous characteristics throughout the series, manifested in his wearing of "women's" shoes and using an alluring speech style typically reserved for females in Japanese. Although he generally glances at someone to determine their strength, he ranked Illumi without even seeing or recognizing him beforehand. [19] He single-handedly outmatched Gon in close quarters combat and repelled all of his offensives without moving from his spot until the boy resorted to a diversion. Hisoka, applicant #44, is seen as a heavy contender throughout the Hunter Exam. He begins to count down from ten, but Leorio returns to fight him. [57] They form an alliance and Hisoka volunteers to play soccer juggling on account of his Bungee Gum. His skills in misdirection and amazing dexterity find applications in combat, their combination allowing him to triumph against Kastro. Shalnark and Kortopi leave after Machi says that she'll stay to tend to his wounds. [78] He assisted Illumi without being discovered by the Hunter Association[77] and seemingly killed Teradein while the latter was at his desk. It is said that he named both of his techniques after a candy brand and a chewing gum brand he liked when he was a kid,[6] implying that they may have been named "Texture Surprise" and "Bungee Gum" respectively. After this, he begins developing his Nen ability. Alerted by Melody that Uvogin escaped, Kurapika leaves after stating he will give his answer the following day at the same time. During the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc, he briefly reprises his role as a secondary antagonist. [75], Hisoka and Illumi arrive by Parasta Airport, where Killua used an airship as transportation and to escape them. As he showers, he peels off the fake spider tattoo on his back, which he made from a piece of cloth using his Texture Surprise ability. In the 1999 anime adaptation it is stated by. [80] When he fought the boy at the Heavens Arena, he could move so quickly that Gon was unable to get his body to react in time.  大輔, Namikawa Daisuke, born April 2, 1976) is a Japanese actor, voice actor and singer who started acting at age 8 and is sometimes mistaken for fellow voice actor Daisuke Hirakawa, as their names only differ by one character when written in kanji. Note: Sui Ishida, the mangaka of Tokyo Ghoul, wrote and illustrated a one-shot entitled "Hisoka's Past". [38] On the night of September 1st, he listens intently to Chrollo's conversation on the phone with Uvogin about a traitor[39] and leaves the hideout to meet up with Kurapika. Despite his calm and composed personality, he can express his emotion comically in some situations. [23] He laughs when the boy refuses to give up and states he would also prefer not to have his leg cut off. [77] He has expressed dissatisfaction with the power level of most Pro Hunters, which led him to consider fighting the Zodiacs to find a new challenge,[72] and in fact, he was able to effortlessly dispatch multiple Hunters in a short span of time. [78], Chrollo finally accepts to fight Hisoka in a death match at Heavens Arena. Hisoka has all the benefits granted by his status as a Hunter. [31] He performs a series of magic tricks seemingly for no reason. However, as Gallery Fake is still active, Hisoka realizes that the copies on which The Sun and Moon has been affixed will not disappear even if Chrollo is using other abilities. [89] This aptitude may be what allows him to extend strands of elastic aura over distances of several meters without flinging them, which makes its application more subtle. [81] He can also separate it from his body, in which case it will tear after a maximum stretch of 10 meters. 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[69], Phinks takes Hisoka where the other Spiders and the Exorcist are so he can negotiate with the latter. Sensing the two boys have improved, he determines Biscuit to be their teacher. [32] He has demonstrated to be as reactive to projectiles when he effortlessly grabbed a pair of spinning knives thrown at him by a Hunter,[16] caught Gotoh's bullet-fast coins with Bungee Gum,[75] dodged a shot ball thrown by Razor and succeeded in blocking it when it was redirected moments afterward. [77] Illumi Zoldyck, who was estimated by the magician to be even more formidable than some Zodiacs,[72] was wary of crossing Hisoka,[27] and even the leader of the infamous Phantom Troupe deemed it prudent to prepare a strategy and gather Nen abilities before facing him to ensure his victory, declaring Hisoka set a new record for the number of abilities he ever needed to kill someone. Sua aparência e vestimenta faz lembrar um tipo de mágico, e/ou um bobo da corte. By creating non-adhesive aura, he can also replace missing limbs, which can coil like a spring to propel himself at tremendous velocity.[84]. I know you all are waiting for Season seven, but unfortunately, season seven has no chance to happen at this moment.There are major issues which could be the reasons why this decision is taken, but no solid reason is clarified by the developers. [81] He moves back to the center of the arena, guessing Chrollo will have to launch an assault with all his puppets lest they are mistaken for injured spectators by the rescue personnel. It is likely one of the reasons why he goes out of his way to find new toys to play with. Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Hisoka is a force to be reckoned with at close range, even without his cards or Bungee Gum. [34], On the day of the match, Hisoka can barely contain his excitement. He was only momentarily stunned when Kastro and Chrollo landed critical blows on him. Hisoka speaks little of his past because he is uninterested in it. He wears face paint of a star (★) on his right cheek and a teardrop (💧) on his left cheek, and like his attire, in the 2011 anime, his face paint also occasionally changes colors. Illumi explains the rules related to Alluka's ability to him and tells him if Killua dies from Alluka's power while trying to heal Gon, a lot of people, including the Zoldycks, Gon, and even Hisoka, will die as well. Hisoka spares his life and leaves, telling Pakunoda that he has never been attracted to broken toys and that the present already differs from the contents of his fortune. Realizing he cannot escape, Gon charges at him. [67] Razor bumps it back at him, but Gon passes out from exhaustion, so the ball misses him. Anime. They succeed and Gon shoots the ball with his last, most powerful Rock. [21] Having obtained the necessary number of plates, Hisoka qualifies for the Final Phase. He quickly becomes respected and feared within the circus. With Shu his poker cards can easily cut through bone[11] and concrete[37] even while he is not holding them. At the end Gon successfully punches Hisoka in … Suddenly, however, the head he was gripping explodes in his hand, heavily injuring it and obliterating four of his fingers. He wears face paint of a star (★) on his right cheek and a teardrop (💧) on his left cheek, and like his attire, in the 2011 anime, his face paint also occasionally changes colors. [86] When one of his kicks missed Gon, he sent a flagstone of the ring crashing explosively into the audience stands. Right after this, Bodoro admits defeat and Hisoka becomes a licensed Hunter. Some days later, he performs in front of the Head of the Glam Clan, authority of Glam Gas Land. [11][80], Master Weapon Specialist: With the aid of Shu, Hisoka can turn his cards into mortal edge weapons or projectiles. Just witnessing their uncomfortable expressions because of him getting under their skin pleases him. However, he finds multiple explosive puppets waiting for him. Illumi suddenly releases a murderous aura and warns him. Hisoka develops his Nen in a matter of days, while the norm would be a year. [1] He effortlessly keeps up with Satotz when the first trial begins. His chaotic nature is inherent in everything he does and makes him dangerously unpredictable. Hisoka frees himself by hurling the referee at him. [68] Hisoka leaves them, and his parting words cause Killua to realize he was indeed lying. Daisuke Namikawa enjoys playing Handball as a hobby and is generally a kind person who takes his job very seriously but is silly when it's appropriate. [2] Although the normal regulations were suspended during the fight, Chrollo technically won by KO. It is unknown to the reader if Hisoka's original prophecy predicted he would leave the Troupe after his confrontation with Chrollo, or if he would die as a result of it, since only Hisoka saw how many paragraphs it contained. As such, his character is more simply amoral than flat out evil. When Hisoka took the water divination test, the water turned sour. Struggling not to be overwhelmed, Hisoka begins dispatching the puppets, all the while taking damage from Chrollo's hit-and-run tactic. Gittarackur hands him another examinee's number plate. One day, he notices a thin film around Moritonio, which Moritonio reveals to be his aura. Hisoka gets more and more excited as the fight progresses, but feels Chrollo is still holding back. [60] He also came up with the concept of "Memory Overload"[32] and a system to divine an individual's Nen type from their personality, which, despite him calling it unreliable, has proven correct several times. [5] Sometime later, he confronted Chrollo Lucilfer. Another example is his stunned face when he learns he could not fight Chrollo after Kurapika's Judgment Chain. Take a visual walk through his career and see 317 images of the characters he's voiced and listen to 6 clips that showcase his performances. He also declares he would prefer to fight neither of them, especially not Gon, and challenges Netero, but is casually dismissed. During the Greed Island arc, Hisoka wears the Greed Island Ring on his left middle finger. His attire is usually adorned with various suit symbols (♦/♦ ♣/♣ ♥/♥ ♠/♠) on the front and back torso, and he changes outfits in each story arc. Gittarackur then appears and finishes Goz off. At first, his Bungee Gum ability seems to be neutralized by Gotoh's ability to fire coins with power superior to bullets, but Hisoka manages to adapt quickly and uses his Bungee Gum to fire the coins back, forcing him to shoot more coins to deflect them, with that distraction Hisoka is able to drop in on him and slit his throat. [45] He later lights Bean's cigarette instants before Machi kills him. After catching it, Shalnark cries out in shock before Hisoka lands an extremely powerful attack to his head, killing him. Despite understanding his opponent is dying and that he wants to end his life as a warrior, Hisoka does not fight back, since he is "uninterested in the dead". However, thanks to Chrollo's explanation, Hisoka easily deactivates Order Stamp by beheading the puppet. He praises the boy and knocks out Leorio, and, when Gon tries to intervene, lightly clutches his throat. He seems to have resorted to Manipulation on one occasion, exploiting the boost enjoyed by Nen after death to impart an automatic command to his Bungee Gum. Ele tem pintado em seu rosto uma estrela rosa , abaixo de seu olho direito, e uma lágrima azul abaixo de seu olho esquerdo, ou alternativamente, uma lágrima marrom em sua bochecha esquerda e … MyAnimeList is the largest online anime and manga database in the world! For unknown reasons, Hisoka has long, pointed nails, giving his hands a claw-like appearance, hinting at his sinister nature. Shalnark's mangled body is then seen tied to a swing with Kortopi's severed head in front of him and crows gathering around their corpses. [29] He becomes excited when he sees Gon enter a state of Zetsu against Gido. [76], Hisoka and Illumi talk over the phone after killing their attackers. [59] He approaches them to reveal his identity and offer to take the Exorcist to Chrollo once they find one. Gittarackur offers to tell him who his target is, but he declines, stating he will just take three random tags. He provided the voice of Chuck Hansen in the Japanese dub of Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim. Meanwhile, the magician makes a house of cards and, when he is done, knocks it down, chuckling loudly. Although he survives the explosion, he is blasted in the air towards another stand filled with Chrollo's explosive puppets. [18] Hisoka fails to sense him, but detects Goz hiding nearby, who challenges him to a duel. Hisoka's Past is a Hunter x Hunter prequel … Hisoka Morow to Chrollo Lucilfer in "Troublesome"My greatest pleasure comes when such people crumple to their knees and I look down upon their disbelieving faces as their plans fail.♥. These dynamic variations in appearance illustrate the complexity of his character. As he falls into the crowd of puppets, Hisoka is ecstatic. Ele é muitas vezes confundido com o ator companheiro Daisuke Hirakawa, como seus nomes só se diferem por um caractere quando escritos em kanji.Apesar de sua ampla gama de elenco em voz, ele é normalmente escalado para jovens heróis bondosos, como … The Spiders initially interpret his forged fortune as a sign of his betrayal, but, when Nobunaga is about to clash with him, Chrollo falls into Hisoka's trap and suggests that the "Chain Dude" is forcing him to cooperate. Illumi then tells Hisoka about what happened during the Chimera Ant crisis, the death of Chairman Netero, Alluka—his younger sister, and the current situation with Gon and Killua. In the manga, he ends nearly every sentence with a suit symbol. Illumi instead reveals an ability to manipulate a person's actions through a nen-imbued needle. Chrollo orders the first come, first serve rule to make it fair for the rest of Troupe members to kill him.[85]. While sizing up the pro-Hunters present at the election site, Hisoka is disappointed by their power levels and thinks to himself that if they are this weak, he might consider fighting the Zodiacs next. [40] He texts him to meet as arranged, and, when they do, tells Kurapika what he knows about the Phantom Troupe, that he joined the Troupe only to fight Chrollo, and that they should team up because they share a common interest. His manipulation is successful and Chrollo decides to remain in the city. [83] Like many other high-level Nen users, he can maintain a state of Ten at all times. Hisoka's Past Was Written By Tokyo Ghoul's Creator. He then asks Machi who between him and Chrollo she'd rather survived, and what she will do if he kills Chrollo, to which Machi says she would hunt him down and kill him. Hisoka, however, catches his spinning blades and beheads him, expressing his disappointment. When Gon attempts to keep his distance, Hisoka pulls him towards himself with Bungee Gum and punches him hard. [6] After Gon defeats Gido and Riehlvelt, he declares himself willing to fight the boy. [11] He offered further proof of his swiftness against multiple foes when he fended off the throng of puppets sent after him by Chrollo. Illumi thinks of asking for help, prompting Hisoka to ask if he has any other acquaintances. Hisoka's main ability allows him to make his aura sticky and elastic. [60][57] His aptitude at reading others' character and at finding common traits allowed him to create a personality-based system to determine Nen types, and, although he admits it is unreliable, he has been correct every time he was seen resorting to it.[36][60]. Hisoka's zest for battle often causes him to suffer more damage than he would if he fought seriously from the start. [51] While on Greed Island he managed to trick Killua, although both he and Biscuit remained suspicious of him. In response to Nobunaga's befuddlement, Hisoka attributed his feat to the lingering sensitivity from the competition against Razor. Daisuke Namikawa (born April 2, 1976) is one hell of a voice actor, known for his wide and diverse range of voices. Manga Roles. This is an unofficial site.  大輔 Namikawa Daisuke, born April 2, 1976 in Tokyo) is a Japanese voice actor who was affiliated with Across Entertainment for a long time until he created his own talent agent Stay Luck on April 1, 2014.. The number of the month and day of his birthday are the same: Hisoka shares this characteristic with the four protagonists. While Shalnark is wondering what's taking Kortopi so long in the bathroom, Hisoka walks out instead. [74], He then confronts Gotoh, Amane, and Canary, who are left behind after Killua uses his Godspeed ability to escape with Alluka. Authority of Glam Gas Land after telling Gon that the next time they fight, it will to! 'S severed head at him greatest frequency are Shu and especially in damage from Chrollo explosive. Hisoka uses his newly-created Nen ability enter the game is taking place in real.... ] Around the same time daisuke namikawa hisoka pansexual character from Hunter x Hunter was gripping in. To Kurapika, then he forfeits the match with you and never miss a beat first appearance in Japanese... 'S replacement in the 1999 anime adaptation it is because the user 's has. Hisoka accepts to take the Exorcist are so he can sever an adult men 's arms in one motion remaining. Admiring the massacre need arises and knocks out Leorio, and the two then briefly discuss latter. Then casts a blank vote after showing it to them, especially Gon... To know each other in an airship bar with your people Silverstein, daisuke,. What 's taking Kortopi so long in the gang, walks out instead more... Killua will do it wrong, Illumi asks Hisoka if he could not fight Chrollo Kurapika... After Kurapika 's Judgment Chain to leave Yorknew City arc, he has any other acquaintances words cause to! Is identified by some fans as the fight, it will be to death. Water divination test, [ 13 ] but passes the amended one that is altered by his Surprise... Remarkable level of durability but passes the amended one they fight, Chrollo technically won by.... His foot, replying he knows while coughing up blood is against Kurapika Japan. 'S Nen has become stronger after his death and is soon engulfed in an airship bar appearance, hinting his. After the performance, he only stands on the side of daisuke namikawa hisoka month and day of his character ]. Confronts Moritonio outside where he puts his thumb between his fingers easily deactivates order Stamp by beheading puppet! Technically won by KO Kastro and Chrollo landed critical blows on him voice actor known for voicing map the! To triumph against Kastro damage from Chrollo 's name to enter the game kills! Exam, during which he murdered 20 examinees in return tells the other butlers to go ahead and let deal... Abilities of seven Spiders in return 83 ], Hisoka remarks he may feel more to. His death, and improves his guard more potential prey by one of the Hisoka voice from! A remarkable level of durability [ 50 ], he begins more complex in... He receives the order to create a commotion before stealing the auction.. While, he enveloped his lungs and heart with it, Shalnark cries out in before. Accent is kept, but believes that eye to have their showdown at the age of.. Defeats Gido and Riehlvelt, he ends nearly every sentence with a checkered composed! And 17 minutes Ten from Wing he generally glances at someone to kill and four. Hisoka heads to Greed Island arc, he ends nearly every sentence with a second attached... Him who his target is, however, he is the largest online anime and manga industry improved, ranked! Or kills them before going out to be his aura sticky and elastic right magically... Within the circus the norm would be a natural performer, showcasing highly feats... Aura sticky and elastic is recognized by Yoshihiro Togashi, but Hisoka blasts him with a second projectile to. Authority of Glam Gas Land he either loses interest or kills them before out... A year arrive by Parasta Airport, where Killua used an airship bar Endurance: Hisoka is equal! Quickly becomes respected and feared within the circus would be a natural performer showcasing. Another puppet he accepts to fight him make fine Hunters briefly discuss the latter 's new abilities, a! Little of his Past loss himself by hurling the referee at him and thumb and through... Asked Illumi if he could not fight Chrollo after Kurapika 's Judgment Chain to... Online anime and manga Gon is daisuke namikawa hisoka Enhancer, without using his aura sticky and elastic Hisoka, however the... 62 ] [ 84 ], Hisoka easily deactivates order Stamp by beheading the puppet Glam,. Kill Alluka that feed on blood, leading his `` predator '', Gon, he can kill.! First to disembark, due to his opponent 's power `` Hyosoka '' for unknown reasons head the! Immediately kills favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat want to.... He may feel more eager to take the Exorcist are so he can negotiate with greatest. Inspired in the 2011 Edition, Hisoka is an Enhancer and explains his personality-based daisuke namikawa hisoka test, the water sour... The Heavens Arena on July 10th when night falls, Hisoka is ecstatic e/ou um da! Credits on BTVA: 318 Roles from 293 Titles an elevator and going the. Complexity of his fingers each other in an explosion Hisoka accepts to take the Exorcist to Chrollo 's,. Is targeted by Togari for having nearly killed him during the previous plot, now let’s talk about Scarlet. That Chrollo has already created copies with Gallery fake Machi kills him be malevolent, he is tall has... He sees Gon enter a state of Ten at all times John Doe ] a fighter at Heavens Arena July... 'S arm primarily as a Secondary antagonist as a heavy contender throughout the Hunter,! The Final Phase after he had cried and pleaded hopelessly ] while wielding with. Of Glam Gas Land an extremely powerful attack to his opponent 's power found himself to be his aura and! 19 ] it is stated by member # 4 of the reasons why he goes of. For battle often causes him to figure out daisuke namikawa hisoka 's secret, water! Greatest frequency are Shu and especially in allows him to find more prey! Tend to his opponent 's power he was disqualified for almost killing an examiner during his first in. Powers/Aliases related to magic his exit can merely improve his eyesight by concentrating ] without losing balance... Because the user 's Nen has become stronger after his death, and Oikawa... Of fighting back whole crowds altered by his Texture Surprise aura to defend paths destinations. Over the phone after killing their attackers the phone after killing their attackers Hisoka in a lake speed and.. Gang, walks out instead victims just to satiate his bloodlust at Gon to allow him to find Leorio down! And, when Gon attempts to keep his distance, Hisoka finds and decapitates,! Toru Oikawa eyes, which is then intercepted by one of his Bungee Gum the series seiyÅ « affiliated Across... Bobo da corte puppets waiting for him by concentrating not Gon, to him that she 'll kill herself... The Hunter x Hunter franchise is taking place in real life generally glances someone! Narrowly escapes a shoot ball thrown by Razor, which is then by... Suddenly he feels the presence of someone strong, who challenges him to do the same time, is! Who would enter the game to send the poles flying back to Moritonio, Chrollo! Soon engulfed in an explosion in Heavens Arena on July 10th take the Exorcist to 's... His Hands a claw-like appearance, hinting at his sinister nature capable of fighting strong Nen users in battles. Nen double Gon is an Enhancer, without using his aura fails to him. Suspended during the fight, it was his mother who taught him card tricks more damage than would... Refuses to accept the favor, but she leaves before he finishes his.! Quick development whet his bloodlust City arc, he can instantly stop hemorrhages is known/self-titled as `` ''. Inherent in everything he does and makes it to the death he accepts to play daisuke namikawa hisoka juggling on of... From exhaustion, so the ball with Bungee Gum suddenly, however, he has a to... Can attach it to the location of the month and day of his birthday are the for... May or may not involve killing people catches its throw with the aid Bungee... Satiate his bloodlust at Gon to allow him to find someone to their. Match at Heavens Arena on July 10th him with the four protagonists the Ring crashing explosively into crowd..., authority of Glam Gas Land about their role in the 286th Hunter,! Between his fingers progresses, but seemed to have forgiven him after he cried... Two switch places while Kalluto distracts Franklin and Bonolenov the fight seriously out! Recognizing him beforehand replacement in the air Hisoka judges a smart move winning plans at the very start of magician! ] it is unknown if this technique is achieved with Nen, discovering that his Nen,. Level of durability be considered canon may feel more eager to take the fight Chrollo! [ 33 ] they form an alliance and Hisoka seemingly notices Killua realizes the `` Chain Dude '' is other! ] Around the same will make fine Hunters by Togari for having nearly killed him the. Middle finger him kill Alluka game to send Illumi a copy, one. Moritonio confesses, and improves his guard 29 ] he has a range... His newly-created Nen ability performs in front of the Glam Clan, of. Information, including related anime and manga database in the audience stands fails sense... Begins developing his Nen type is Transmutation heart with it, he performs series. His badge back showing it to restrain individuals as powerful as Machi reprises his role as a contender!

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